What about DiVidal?


We are passionate about creating
positive impact for our customers and society.


To help businesses succeed digitally and embrace innovation.



  • Professionalism 
  • Always customer centric 
  • Trustworthy relationships
  • Open and honest communication
  • Passion for innovation and constant improvement

Meet Mercedes

Co-founder of DiVidal

Mercedes is a highly experienced and passionate customer experience, digital and innovation leader with deep knowledge in technology and business transformation, leading global teams to drive consumer-centric, commercial growth. 

Sixteen years at IKEA Group, she was leading at the core of the digital transformation of IKEA and continued driving innovation as Director Digital/Sell at Clarks. 

As change management expert, Mercedes strives to make a sustainable difference for people and organisations, helping businesses to succeed digitally and embrace innovation. She is combining her highly collaborative and inspirational leadership style, design-led thinking, emotional intelligence, and technical skills to create, deploy, and replicate consumer-centric strategies. 

During her career, she had the great opportunity to pioneer game-changers methods and technology trends, passionately passing on her extensive knowledge today. 

Already as a young girl Mercedes made her firsts earnings by supporting her neighbours to update the time in their digital watches, it was the era of the firsts Casio watches, she understood the potential of her digital talent, how to serve customer needs and how to earn some money, the path to a digital carrier had started.

When not chasing new things, she enjoys dancing flamenco and playing golf.


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