Strategy Design

From vision to roadmap we create the foundation to run and develop a business in a sustainable, engaging and forward-thinking way.

Together we discover:

  • Your North star, desired future state and a bold vision.
  • Your core capabilities that will be foundational for your journey ahead.
  • Your future business models.

The four step process

We will challenge you and your team to be bold and have an ambition point of view about the long term value you want to create for your stakeholders and customers. We will then craft a clear vision that provides strategic direction for growing your business. Under the lens of your bold vision, we will together explore the gaps and opportunities of your current business, what is emerging in the market where your business operates today and what new opportunities are arising.

This step will be the foundation and point of departure for a guiding framework to continue with your design strategy journey. 

With the new vision as a starting point and the insight from the first phase we are ready to explore your current business model to identify new value propositions for your customers and new operating models for your business using business model shifts we will explore and pivot elements of your current business.

In this phase we will validate the ideas and opportunities from the previous steps, we will find out the appetite for these new values, the viability and feasibility of the new business model. 

With a clear and bold vision, new values and operational models validated, we will design a strategic roadmap that explicitly shows the bold steps you are taking, and the business model shifts you are making, focused on creating more value and relevance for existing and new customers.

It's all about people

But all businesses are composed and driven by people so all steps will be done in co-creation with your teams to ensure that you will grow your internal capabilities and innovation skills, boosting your organisation for the transformation ahead and creating ownership over your strategic landscape.